Clever Dog Uses Trampoline to Play Fetch With Himself

A clever dog has figured out a way to play fetch with himself using the trampoline in his back yard.

Bear places the ball on top of the trampoline and quickly scoots underneath to nudge the ball with his nose, which makes it bounce off the trampoline. He then circles back around and starts all over again.

His humans say that Bear “discovered” the game after his ball got stuck in the trampoline net one day.

“When our kids were little and bouncing he would bounce with them. As they climbed in, he would drop a ball in the net with them,” said owner Stephanie Venuta.

“Now he does this all the time. If we are outside and not paying attention to him doing yard work, eating on the patio, or even if the kids are at school he will entertain himself.”

Such a smart dog! Watch Bear’s creative game of fetch in the video below.

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