Dog Shot in Face, Doused in Bleach Adopted By Officer Who Found Him

A family of first responders has adopted a dog who was found shot in the face and doused in bleach.

Detective Tim Elliot was out on a call in Indianapolis when he and his fellow officers found Winks left for dead.

“Tim and his fellow officers took the pup to emergency care where the odds were slim to none,” explained Stephen Fippen on GoFundMe.

It’s believed that Winks’ former owner may have doused the dog with bleach to cover up DNA evidence.

Shortly after, Tim and his wife Tiffany Elliott, who is a paramedic in Wayne Township, decided to foster to the Pit bull.

Tiffany Elliott

A few months later they decided to keep him forever. Tiffany says Winks is nothing but love.

“He’s a lover,” said Tiffany. “He’s a couch potato. He loves cuddling. He just wants to be in your lap. He’s just the happiest dog.”

“We brought him home with the intent on fostering him. After a couple of days of having him, I was like I am not going to be able to give him up. So, we chose to adopt him,” said Tiffany.

Winks has had several surgeries and had to have his one eye removed, but he’s in good health now.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS)

So Winks – so cruelly discarded – is now officially a member of the Elliot family.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) are grateful that Winks has ended up in a loving home. “Congratulations to Winks and his new family!” wrote IACS in a Facebook post. “He is so lucky to have such loving humans on his side!”

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