Dog Saves 87-Year-Old Neighbor After She Falls During Cold Snap

Tim Curfman’s black labrador Midnight is being credited with saving their elderly neighbor from the freezing cold in their hometown of Alexandria, Minnesota.

screenshot via AirTV

Curfman was taking out the garbage recently when Midnight began to act a bit strangely. Her body language told him she was trying to tell him something.

screenshot via AirTV

Sensing something was wrong next door, he followed Midnight and found his 87-year-old neighbor lying in the snow out back of her home. She had been refilling her bird feeder when she fell down.

screenshot via AirTV

She was unable to push herself back up after her gloves became wet and froze her hands. With nothing around to be able to pull herself up she would have lay on the cold ground for who knows how long if it had not been for Midnight.

screenshot via AirTV

Curfman was interviewed by CBS Minnesota and recounted how his young dog saved the day thanks to her quick wits.

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