Overdramatic Pit Bull Pretends to Faint to Avoid Getting Her Nails Clipped

Many dogs will try to avoid getting their nails clipped, but they aren’t as dramatic about it as Ginger the Pit Bull.

In the viral video, the sweet Pit Bull shows off her acting skills while getting a pawdicure. Ginger sits patiently, but looks suspiciously at mom, who’s holding nail clippers in her hand. And when her mom asks for her paw, Ginger refuses to budge…she definitely knows what’s coming.

Then Ginger does something completely unexpected – she pretends to faint! She rolls her eyes and slowly fall backwards and ends up lying on her back with her legs sticking straight into the air!

In case viewers might be worried she’s actually fainting, Ginger has her eyes open the entire time and gives dad (the cameraman) a side eye. Apparently, Ginger does the “drama queen” routine whenever it’s time for the grooming!

Watch her funny dramatic performance in the video below.

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