Conductor Gets Suspended for Slowing Down Train to Save Dog Running on Tracks

A stray dog was in a race for survival when he got caught on a bridge in a train’s path. But he would not have survived without the actions of the train’s conductor.

The harrowing video of the dog outrunning the train crossing the Bangabandhu Bridge in Bangladesh is going viral.

The 10 minute video, which appears to have been shot by an employee on the train (and was first released by Mohammad Asaduzzaman on Facebook), shows how the dog doesn’t slow down for even one second, because he knows his life depends on it.

The Bangabandhu Bridge (Jamuna Multipurpose bridge), stretches 2.87 miles (4.63km) across the Jamuna river. The dog had no choice but to run straight ahead because to the right of the train tracks is a high barrier and busy road, to the left, the river.

When the dog does finally reach the other side, he manages get off the track by bolting in front of the train. At first, it seems unclear if the dog survived, but according to local media, the dog did escape harm and safely got out of the train’s path.

Some viewers questioned why the driver didn’t stop the train, but one commenter, Razin Zulhas, revealed that the driver did, in fact, slow down. “The dog would’ve been dead if he didn’t,” he wrote. The conductor got suspended for a month because he did slow down, Razin added. Trains are not allowed stop on any bridges and are required to maintain a constant speed.

Note: the dog first appears in view 2 minutes into the video.

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