Dog Gets Special Spa Days So He Can Nap in Kitchen Sink

Dunkin the dog developed the unusual habit of sleeping in the kitchen sink. It was becoming a bit of a nuisance to his family, so they came up with a solution that keeps Dunkin happy and gives humans access to the sink!

Dunkin’s mom, Haley Deecken‎, shared two adorable videos and wrote: “As many of you know, Dunkin LOVES to nap in our kitchen sink. It was becoming a problem because every time I’d walk into the kitchen, there’d be a dog in my sink giving me a dirty look as if i was the nuisance. Well, me and him compromised so now every time I say ‘sink time’ he comes flying in to have his sink spa time. 10/10 pureness.”

Once Dunkin is in the sink, he blisses out and mom makes the spa treatment all the more comfortable by providing his favorite chew toy.

Posted by Haley Deecken on Monday, October 29, 2018

From the looks of things, we’d say Dunkin is very happy with this solution!

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