Dog Has Funny Drying Off Routine After a Bath

Cody the dog is very adorable and energetic when he goes about drying himself off after a bath. He is calm as his human washes him down. But as soon as he’s free of the tub he gets an adorable burst of energy!

He rubs himself on the side of the bed and carpet and anything else he runs by. But why do dogs do this after a bath? Are they trying to dry off. In part yes. Many dogs dislike being confined in a tub and getting wet. So rubbing on your furniture or carpet is a quick way to “towel off”.

But they are also likely reacting to the smell of the shampoo and trying to get the smell off. What we think is a wonderful smell is likely off-putting for our dogs. After all, we all know how much dogs love to roll in the dirt, not to mention any stinky thing on the ground! But regardless of the reason, seeing our dogs dry off with a bout of the zoomies is always a joy to watch.

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