Smart Dog Hilariously Tries To Build A Snowman All By Himself

After a thick snow fell in Tyson the dog’s backyard, the dog went straight to work trying to make a snowman all by himself. Using his front paws he collected the snow into a ball and then began rolling until he started to make the base of a snowman. He’s just like a kid – excitedly making the ball bigger and bigger.

His human, Reece told Caters News, “I have no idea how he even started making it, but at one point, the ball was so big he couldn’t get it over the other side of the garden, so my sister and I had to move it for him.”

The family lives in Britain, and Reece explained that snow is so rare in the area, so Tyson and his other dog become very enthusiastic every time it snows. We think that Tyson is so enthusiastic and having so much fun that his family should definitely join him and help him build a snowman!

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