Dog and His Mom Share Funny Morning Routine

Every family has their own morning routines and dogs in particular like to have structure and routine. They’ll be whining at your bedside at 6am sharp. Or pawing at the door at 8am. Or maybe they’ll have their very own special routine like Aly and her wolf-dog Diesel.

The two have an unusual morning routine, which she captured on camera for everyone to enjoy. Photos reprinted with permission from Aly.

Aly writes, “I have a wolf-hybrid. This is his morning routine.”

“Every morning I watch a movie, and open my laptop to do some work. He see’s my routine, and starts his.”

“Takes the pillow I put under my laptop.”

“Acts like an a**hole for a second.”

“Gets the pillow into a comfortable place.”

“‘Huffs’ a few times.”

“And waits to be let outside.”

Aly writes that Diesel looks very much like a Husky, with his rare blue eyes. But she got blood work done and the results came back that Diesel is a Timber wolf/Husky mix. She says he looks a lot like a normal dog, he’s just 4 times bigger.

She writes, “It’s important to make sure your State allows wolf-hybrids” and adds “when raised right they’re not dangerous”.

Aly makes some important points. A wolf-hybrid can have very a different temperament than a domestic dog, which doesn’t always lend itself well for life as a house pet. But Diesel looks like he’s perfectly at home – and knows exactly how to get his mom’s attention for his morning routine!

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