Shelter Has the Best Way to Help Homeless Dogs Learn to Love Bath Time

Peanut butter is always in short supply at Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR). That’s because the shelter uses it to help calm dogs that are stressed by bath time.

Kristina Millman-Rinaldi recently revealed that peanut butter is their “go to” treat to help bathe the homeless dogs that come into their shelter.

The dogs they take in have often been abused and neglected, so they need something to help them relax and learn to enjoy getting baths. For some dogs, it might be their first time getting washed.

What the shelter staff does is smear lots of peanut butter on the shower wall. The routine has become known as “Peanut Butter Bath Time”.

“Oh my gosh, we go through so much peanut butter at Detroit Dog Rescue! Over 40 jars per month,” Millman-Rinaldi told The Dodo. They prefer the “largest jars we can find”. (note: if you are going to try this tip with your dog, make sure to pick an unsalted, unsugared kind – and be careful it doesn’t have xylitol.)

Detroit Dog Rescue

DDR uses other treats, like cheese for all kinds of activities at their shelter whether it be training or vet procedures.

Having been abused herself as a child, Millman-Rinaldi says she wants the dogs they rescue to have positive experiences, so she and her staff do “everything possible to make them feel confident and loved”.

Detroit Dog Rescue

To help Detroit Dog Rescue continue to save dogs in need (and to be able to buy more peanut butter), visit their website.

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