Christmas of Abandonment, Then Love and Giving for Dog Left Outside Shelter

A dog abandoned just before Christmas was struggling to recover but thanks to SOSD Singapore he found new hope.

Founder of SOSD Singapore Siew Tuck Wah relates how “Christmas” came into their care.

“We received a most disturbing Christmas ‘present’ 2 months ago – a Shih Tzu, abandoned outside our shelter. He was in very poor condition. As a result of severe neglect – his eyes were infected & scarred, leading to total blindness.”

“Through the hard work of the SOSD team, Christmas has undergone a metamorphosis which none of us could have imagined!”

It’s truly remarkable what a little bit of love and tenderness can do for a dog in need.

SOSD Singapore rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes homeless and abandoned dogs, giving them a second chance. Together with community outreach projects, they aim to improve their welfare, and make Singapore a kinder, more tolerant place for them.

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