Kitty Friend Helps Dog Break Into Toy Closet

Skippy would love to play with his favorite toys. Too bad they are locked away in the toy closet and out of reach. Or so you might think. Thanks to the help of his feline friend Peaches he just may get that play time in after all!

Peaches’s human lets everyone know there’s a reason for that safety latch on the handle of the door:

“Peaches the clever kitty knows how to open all doors. He likes to open the closet door and let his little fellow floof-gang pups and kitties in to steal a stash of hidden toys,” she writes on YouTube. “Peaches can open all doors in the house, so his kitty momma had to install child-proof door locks on the bathroom doors so guests don’t get a surprise!”

Well, Peaches’s talent may be an unwelcome surprise to guests, but it’s a welcomed skill for Skippy!

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