Bus Driver Stops Bus to Rescue Lost Dog Running in Heavy Traffic

A bus driver in Australia saw a dog running loose across a highway in heavy traffic and stopped the bus to rescue the dog. The driver let the dog named Sasha on board and to safety.

a bus driver rescued a dog running in heavy traffic


Reddit user willstripforfood took a photo of Sasha when she came onboard the bus and relates what happened next.

Luckily, Sasha had tags so the girls holding Sasha “called the owners from the bus and another girl tied her scarf to Sasha’s collar as a leash and got off the bus at the local shops to return her to the family :)”

a bus driver rescued a dog running in heavy traffic


In all, it took 5 minutes for the dog to be rescued from a scary situation and to be on her way back to her family. willstripforfood said it “was a happy ending indeed! As a dog owner I said a personal thank you to the bus driver for doing something so kind. Sasha was beautiful…It was a new bus driver I had never seen and he was so lovely to me as I got on the bus and then helped this animal too…Dog was lucky. Bus driver was fantastic.”

bus driver stops bus to let lost husky on board


Imgur and Facebook photos republished with permission of willstripforfood. This article first appeared on DogHeirs on on May 23, 2013.

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