Six-Week-Old Border Collie Puppies Practice ‘ Stop and Go’

Border Collies are renowned for being one of the intelligent dogs given their marvelous abilities in herding animals, performing in agility and dog dancing competitions and their work in other important fields. They are great listeners and have wonderful innate traits that can be brought forward at a very young age. Take these puppies in the video below.

They are only 6 weeks old but already are learning the “stop” and “go” commands. Their human says she’s only been working with them for 4 days and they’ve already got the hang of it!

She writes on YouTube, “In this clip I lead them along and give the ‘stop’ command, watch how well they obey. Some will lie down, some will sit, some will just stop. At this point the only thing that matters is that they stop! So proud of them!”

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