Blind Dog and Guide Dog Pal Separated by Adoption Gone Wrong Find the Perfect Home Together

OJ, a blind 12-year-old Dachshund and his best friend Dozer, a Pit Bull, are getting another shot at a forever home together after their last adoption went awry.

The two dogs were brought in together to Richmond Animal Care and Control in Virginia when their original owner was no longer able to care for them. The staff immediately knew the pair were bonded and should be adopted together.

Richmond Animal Care and Control

The shelter thought they had found that home a few weeks later, but then in a shocking turn of events OJ was found wandering a rural road alone.

The poor dog was luckily scooped up and brought to the shelter. But OJ was lost without his “guide dog BFF”. The shelter was able to convince the adopter to return Dozer after she told them she no longer wanted OJ.

Animal lovers were very happy to hear the two were reunited and that the shelter would make every effort to find them a true forever family.

Richmond Animal Care and Control

And a few months later, it looks like that has finally happened. The shelter shared the happy news on Facebook:

“We are incredibly happy to share that OJ & Dozer were adopted together last night to a wonderful Richmond family! These dogs have taken us on a roller coaster ride of emotion and turmoil and yet remained steadfast in their love for each other and their ability to adapt and overcome vexing circumstances.”

The shelter also shared that their new family has set up an Instagram account for the pair.

Don't think I'm making it to work on time this morning.

A post shared by OJ & Dozer (@ojanddozer) on

Richmond Animal Care and Control has also started a fund in honor of OJ & Dozer through our Foundation, and funds will go to help animals just like them.

We’re so happy to hear the pair have gotten their well-deserved happy ending together.


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