Beagle Mix Trapped in Sewer is Finally Freed After Five Days

After five days of being trapped underground, a beagle mix stuck in a sewer was finally freed.

Two firefighters used a pickaxe, sledge hammer and shovel to save the terrified dog, named Lulu, in a two hour operation in Brazil.

The adorable dog accidentally entered an open drain near where she lives in Ituporanga, south Brazil. She became trapped while trying to wiggle through a narrow opening to escape.

Firefighters had to hold her mouth shut to prevent her from biting them and swallowing the dirt falling from the hammering and to prevent her from crawling back into the hole. They covered her ears too, to help her anxiety.

The banging terrified the animal and rescuers were forced to hold her mouth shut to stop her from biting them and swallowing the dirt falling around her in her anxiety. They covered her ears with their hands as the petrified dog squirmed and struggled to get free.

Lulu, who is a cross between a beagle and terrier, was dehydrated, starving and very weak after her ordeal, but she found her way back into her loving owner’s arms and has since made a full recovery.

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