Australian Firefighters Pose with Rescued Dogs to Help Other Dogs Still in Need

Each year, the Australian Firefighters Calendar puts out their popular calendars to help raise funds for animal charities in need. Now in its 28th year, the need is even greater. Not only is coronavirus making the fundraising and daily operations for many rescue organizations difficult, but in 2019 and early 2020, Australia suffered catastrophic bushfires estimated to have destroyed 1 billion animals. That’s why the 2021 calendars will focus on Australian wildlife, says Director David Rogers, while still including other charities.

Australian Firefighters Calendar

“No one was left unaffected watching our precious wildlife trying to escape from the bushfires, and the loss of wildlife is beyond comprehension,” says Rogers. “Everyone at the Australian Firefighters Calendar decided that all our efforts needed to be focussed on Australian Wildlife this year”.

Australian Firefighters Calendar

That’s not to say dog rescues will be left out. Dog rescues Safe Haven Animal Rescue and All Breeds Canine Rescue will be included in the charity recipients this year.

Australian Firefighters Calendar

And of course the ever popular Dog Calendar returns and with it a bit of a twist. Normally, the volunteer firefighters would pose for photos with adoptable dogs from the various animal rescues across the country. But that couldn’t happen this year. But everyone came up with a creative solution.

“As Covid-19 restricted our access to many rescue animals, the Australian public were asked to bring their own rescued furry friends to the photoshoot to help create these calendars,” says Rogers. And what an adorable bunch of rescues they turned out to be.

Australian Firefighters Calendar

We can’t leave out mention that there is an animals version, a classic version and a cats only version of the calendar too. Hey is that the famous Didga? It is!

Australian Firefighters Calendar

There’s also a “dogs only” version of the calendar for those that may just want to gaze upon cute puppies.

Australian Firefighters Calendar

Australian Firefighters Calendar

The Australian Firefighters Dog Calendar 2021 and five other calendars are available for purchase at and ship worldwide.

You can also follow Australian Firefighters Calendar on Facebook.  We hope you and your fur family all stay safe, stay healthy!

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