Abandoned Stray Dog Runs After Car on Busy Road

A stray dog chasing after a car driving away from her quickly went viral in Russia after it was released in social media with many viewers upset by the actions of the dog’s seemingly heartless owner.

The heartbreaking video sees the dog running behind the car, and in one scary moment it looks like she is about to run into oncoming traffic before she comes to a stop, exhausted by her efforts.

Dog lovers were initially outraged at the callous scene, but the true story appears to be one of caring, not abandonment.

The driver of the car, Dilyara Nosova, revealed that the dog, Dinka, is not hers but a previously-abandoned stray who she regularly feeds when she visits the dog’s neighborhood in the city of Rostov-on-Don, the Daily Mail reports.

Nosova says she drops by to feed Dinka and her six puppies, who live in a building near to her weekend home. Nosova said, “I feed her and then she often runs after my car as far as a shop called Leroy Merlin, then returns to her puppies.”

Dogs are regularly dumped in the outskirts of town, according to animal advocates in the area.

Dog lovers are now mobilizing to help Nosova find homes for Dinka and her puppies, as they are concerned not only for Dinka’s safety with her habit of running in traffic, but also because the canine family may become victims of the authorities said to be “culling” (killing) stray dogs ahead of the FIFA World Cup coming to Rostov-on-Don in the Spring of 2018.

“Dinka deserves an owner who appreciates her amazing devotion,” posted one of Dinka’s admirers. Those on social media want to ensure Dinka finds a home before something unfortunate happens and are raising funds for her to be vaccinated and spayed and hope to find her a family she can call her own.


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