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Border Collies sneak up on each other (VIDEO)

Zoesnow_thumb By MissT | April 26, 2012 | Comments (11)

What do five Border Collies get up to when they're not working sheep? They make their own entertainment ...

Thanks to L. Shelbourn for posting this video to YouTube (@asheepdogdiary) and sharing these beautiful dogs with everyone!

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Comments on this Article

Yep....that's how Border Collies are......I had the privilege of working with one for several years employed by a geese company that humanely rid our clients of the birds.....everyday my dog amused me with his enthusiasm.....astounded me with his intelligence.....and touched my heart with his willingness to please.....we are BOTH retired now....as a retirement gift, I was given this fine boy to live with and care for.....he is cherished
Fantastic! Excellently trained and beautiful. Love the music too. :0)
That was great! Fantastic music to go with it!
LOVE this video :) Those are incredibly well trained (and beautiful) dogs! Thank you for sharing. Love the music, as well
Very pleased you like the video of MY dogs ... not sure who originally posted, but a credit to myself for this video, depicting my dogs, would have been appreciated ... ie, asheepdogdiary. They are wonderful dogs showing their skills of sheep work, whilst not working sheep. Glad you enjoyed :D
Border Collies are the Jedi Knights of dogs!
I want one so baaaadly but I can't keep up with their energy. I am not a youngster any more. I intend to rescue an older ( 5 years old at least) one in a couple of years. I already have 2 rescue mutts. It's cramp in a one bedroom apt with no yard :-(
They say a border collie is born with a PHD...I'd believe it. I have a collie x huskie, she's fantastic for rounding up the kids in the estate at dinner time :)
My dad always had Border Collies... and I love them. miss them too they both have passed away but they were two best dogs in the world! I think my dad should of had one in the house (he never did)... but they had a warm place to sleep at nights... he made them a nice warm big house along with the other animals.. so they protected the animals and lived with them. I always wanted them inside lol but anyways... they are smart and beautiful.. I loved this video.... thanks for bringing back good memories.
so funny I have two border collies are the cleverest dogs. love the video thank you for sharing it :o)
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