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Please Help Find These Lost Dogs


Boston terrier mix, born by C-section. Super affectionate.
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Bongo is a medium sized dog(23 lb), mixed breed Glen of Imaal Terrier, although he looks a bit like a Schnauzer. All his shots are up to date. He is very friendly with humans and animals. He likes long walks everywhere, hunting squirrels, catching butterflies and sniffing everything around him. He can be very hyper-active and playful, but he also loves a good snuggle on the couch. Should he go missing, please contact me as...
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Toothless and tiny and happy are what describe Skeezix
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Leo is a Black and White Party Color Cocker Spaniel, he is from a puppy mill so he is very skittish and scared. If you see him do not run after him, you can try to call him or maybe ask him if he wants a cookie, please be extremely clam around him. Please call us and we will be there asap. Our number is 573-636-6256 He was last seen around the Riverside Park area,...
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precious luna

Her front leg had surgery a skin graph she is spayed
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Intact blue merle male sheltie lost on 5/20/13 when neighbor fired gun. Last seen heading toward local road. Dog is microchipped.
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She is a black german shepherd. I rescued her from a man that a friend of mine had been contacted from and went and picked up 3 of his dogs in Jackson, Ohio. Her move here was quite overwhelming, she was an inside dog and used to company but I couldnt put her with others because she arrived with mange, so I seperated her from others and begin her process back to health, medicating her...
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Red and Cream, Floppy Ears, Fluffy Tail, Black Nose, Purple Tongue, 55-60 lbs. Friendly but shy.
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Lost Dog Monster looks like a black lab, but is only 25lbs. He has a tiny bit of white on his chest. Was wearing a black collar.
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Zazzie is a border collie mix.
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Protecting Our Dogs

Every dog reported lost on DogHeirs is automatically linked to the NeighborHound Watch system.

NeighborHound Watch

The NeighborHound Watch keeps our dogs safe from dangers and brings lost dogs home where they belong.

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