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Please Help Find These Lost Dogs


Toni is a black spaniel/pomeranian mix. She is about 12 lbs and has a little white on her chin. She is about 6 years old.
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White stripe down face
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Brussels and Japanese chen mix. 12 inches tall, 11 lbs, stubby tail, black with white patches on chest and chin. Puggish looking face. 9 yrs old. Very friendly
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Medium dog, red curly wire fur, about 35-40 pounds. Truly my very best friend.
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12-year old red Australian Cattle Dog, medium sized, (about 50lbs).
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Brown Roan/Brwn Mkgs
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She is a mix which causes her to have wirely hair. She is very sweet and loves people.
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He is very shy and afraid of strangers.
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She is a pitbull/lab mix. Her primary color is black with a lot of white on chest, legs, and belly. Her weight is 60-70 lbs. She is spayed, microchipped, UTD on shots, HW-. I adopted her when she was 3 months old. She was previously abused (beate, burned, taped up in a box and left to die). She has pink scarring on muzzle from previous abuse. She has recurring demodex mange around eyes due to...
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Please share these missing dogs

Protecting Our Dogs

Every dog reported lost on DogHeirs is automatically linked to the NeighborHound Watch system.

NeighborHound Watch

The NeighborHound Watch keeps our dogs safe from dangers and brings lost dogs home where they belong.

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