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About Hypertonicity and Episodic Falling

Description: As we continue to develop our research articles and media, we invite members to join this group and contribute to our materials by submitting photos, videos and information on Hypertonicity and Episodic Falling and tagging your materials with the "Hypertonicity and Episodic Falling" tag.

Hypertonicity or Episodic Falling, also known as Hyperkinesis, Falling Cavaliers, Collapsing Cavalier Syndrome or Paroxysmal Hypertonicity Disorder, is characterized by episodic, paroxysmal attacks during which affected animals fall, exhibit muscle rigidity and may be acutely and dramatically incapacitated. Dogs do not lose consciousness and are clinically normal between attacks. Episodes appear to be triggered by stress, apprehension, and excitement, where affected animals develop a peculiar bounding, pelvic limb gait in which the limbs may be abducted and appear stiff.
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New addition to our pack

We recently lost Rupert 5 weeks ago to hypertonicity and episodic falling. Our breeder, who has not had any health issues in 25 years of breeding, stands by her health guarantee. She has given us a new puppy. Sedona Blue can be seen on my profile page. Thanks to Belinda at Claddagh Jacks. Heres to a healthy puppy, and a long life together.
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I haven't been on for a while. I have/had a JRT with Hypertonicity and Episodic falling down Syndrome. Rupert was 18 months old. He died Sunday from cardiac arrest following a prolonged hypertonicity episode. We had him on Clonipin for the past 2 months and he only had one episode during that time. Sunday we were at a family picnic 90 minutes from any medical treatment and although we kept him cool and found a...
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Hypertonicity and Episodic Falling

Thanks so much for this information - what I was able to find was all on "Episodic Falling Cavalier Syndrome" & I had no idea other breeds were affected as well. Our Vet has asked us to make of video of Bentley when he's having one of these episodes but I haven't been able to do that as yet - the last thing I think to do is film him when this is happening! If...
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Recently Asked Questions

Managing Hypertonicity/Episodic Falling/Scotty Cramps

Several methods of managing dogs affected with Hypertonicity/Episodic Falling/Scotty Cramps have been advised by many owners and veterinarians experienced with this disorder. However, a formal scientific investigation of treatments has yet to be performed. For example, all of the pharmaceutical products used to treat patients with this disease are not approved for use in animals by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but may be legally prescribed by veterinarians as off-label drugs. Therefore, the safety...
Poll Which treatment or management technique have you found to be effective in reducing the severity and/or frequency of falling/cramping episodes? Vote now!
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I've just uploaded a video of my Cavalier having an episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTuKF2DeJ4I
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Dorothie Hellman

I run the episodic falling website.  http://episodicfalling.com

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Cavalier lover and (retired) Public Health Nurse


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