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Name: Cham Rowlands
About Me: I am an Earth Muffin. I prefer animals to people and worry so much about the harm we do to those who have no voice

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YW. Thanks for signing. The latest update from their facebook page says that the TRO was lifted yesterday, and the family can visit the dogs daily. I guess one step at a time. I feel sorry for them too.Also for the poor family who has to put up with all the beaurocratic BS.
Thanks Carol, petition signed. I feel so sorry for these doggies :(
Hi Cham. The link for the petition for Lilo and Stitch is in the article in DogHeirs. The link to their Facebook page is there as well. On the FB page, the owners provided links to government officials who should be contacted. Also the name of the judge whom you can message on FB regarding the welfare of the dogs. Otherwise, the dogs are scheduled to die soon if enough of us don't act for them. Thank you.
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Cham Rowlands


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