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The DogHeirs community is passionate about helping dogs live happier and healthier lives.

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Every day, we feature amazing photos and stories from our members that remind people of how wonderful dogs are and the humans who love them. Share your photos, videos and stories that capture something special about our best four-legged friends!


Help protect pets in your neighborhood with the NeighborHound Watch, our broadcast alert system for warning of dangers and lost dogs in your local community and abroad.

By registering with DogHeirs you become part of an invaluable network of dog lovers aiming to help protect our best four-legged friends and reunite missing dogs with their families.

Networking and sharing information can saves lives.

    NeighborHound Alert

    Missing dog

    Black and white frenchbulldog gone missing

    4316 Adams St Hollywood FL 33022

Help Adoptable Dogs find loving forever homes by sharing their profiles and stories.

Whether you are a foster parent, rescue or shelter, you can list adoptable dogs on DogHeirs to help your dogs find the perfect forever homes. Adoptable dog profiles are easy to share and are part of the DogHeirs network where millions of dog lovers visit every month.

Every dog should have a loving home.

    miranda cole is lost! Please help!

    miranda cole

    Timid 8 year old female Pembroke Welsh Corgi-Chihuahua-Jack Russell mix....

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