Woman Wanted a Grandkid But Her Daughter Got a Staffordshire Terrier Instead

Frida initially didn’t want a white Staffy, but as soon as she saw Einstein she changed her mind. Einstein was relaxed and calm right from the start but he loves getting attention. Enter grandma.

Grandma wasn’t sure about Staffordshire Terriers but he changed her mind completely. Now she asks Frida to move over at dinner time so Einstein can have the comfortable chair. Frida is convinced her mom loves Einstein more than her.

She treats him like she would a grandchild and spoils him rotten. Frida also loves to spoil her dog and says he’s a constant source of joy and happiness and is so happy she chose him.

One viewer noted he was also reluctant about bully dogs at first. “I’ve had dogs for a long time, and even I was afraid of any kind of bullies, including the Staffy,” YouTube commenter 9y2bgy wote. “And then my wife and I got a Staffy as a way of resolving someone else’s problem, and it’s been one of our best decisions. He truly is the most sensitive and emotional dog that we ever had. And He LOVES to cuddle forever. So now whenever I see videos like this, I just smile and oooh and ahhhh. Enstein is gorgeous, and he looks so happy and content.”

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