‘Velcro’ Vizsla Stops Her Mom From Reading to Get Hugs

It’s not time for reading, it’s time for cuddles! At least that’s what Nell the Vizsla thinks when her mom, Heidi Corley Barto, sits down to read her book.

As she pulls out the paperback, Nell takes it as a sign that it’s the perfect time to demand a hug.

In the hilarious video, Nell jumps onto the reclining chair and demonstrates her “velcro” nature. As Heidi explains:

“This is why a Vizsla is called a velcro dog! This is her normal behavior. She is the BEST dog!! Vizslas aren’t always nuts though. They can be real bums and they love to cuddle and nap.”

Watch Nell the velcro dog in action in the video below.

It sure looks like Nell is ready for a cuddle and a nap – adorable!

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