Tiny Dog Attacked by Coyote Saved by Unexpected Hero

Trixxie the chi-weenie was waiting outside on her leash while her mom used the restroom at their home. While she was outside (less than 5 minutes), she was suddenly attacked by a hungry coyote! That’s when her friend Happy (the neighbor’s Rottweiler) came to the rescue! It’s dramatic footage that would have ended badly for Trixxie if it hadn’t been for her loyal best friend.

Trixie’s dad shared a few more details about Trixxie’s scary encounter.

1. prior to this event no coyote sightings in this area
2. Dog was left outside by spouse while restroom was being used less than 5 mins
3. This was 7am in morning ( not a normal time for a coyote / wild animal attack)
4. This is middle of city with no prior coyote history

For tips on how to keep your dogs safe from coyotes read our article Protect Your Dog From Coyotes.

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