Tiniest Puppy Found In Plastic Crate in Drain Pipe Finds The Best Family

Emma was the tiniest puppy when she was found with her sibling in a plastic crate in a drain pipe. She was near death and guarding her dying sibling by Sidewalk Specials in Cape Town, South Africa.

“Covered in mange, with tick bite fever weakening her, she still found the energy to follow rescuers, alerting them to her sibling’s plight,” Sidewalk Specials wrote of Emma.

Heartbreakingly, it turned out to be too late for Emma’s sister. But Emma still had a chance. And the “little fighter” was determined to take her chance and ended up with the best family!

When Emma began to be fostered by Inge’s family just weeks after her rescue, she just wanted cuddles. Inge says, “I felt she just needed love.” The family delivered on that.

They had adopted Chester from Sidewalk Specials a few months before, and Chester was crying for a new friend. So the moment he saw Emma, he was very protective of her. Emma also bonded with Inge’s son. It’s so heartwarming to see that after her rough start, life for Emma couldn’t be better!

Sidewalk Specials is a rescue out of South Africa. If you’d like to help them rescue more dogs like Chester and Emma consider supporting them.

If you are interested in Emma’s original rescue video, you can watch it below.

And here’s her follow up video from Sidewalk Specials that chronicles how she got adopted by Inge and her family.

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