Teen Risks His Life to Save Dog He Sees Hit by Truck

A terrified dog who fled her home during a thunderstorm is lucky to be alive thanks to a teenager who saw her in danger and saved her life.

Bebe the Put Bull terrier had bolted from home after becoming frightened by thunder in Yorktown, VA. Her owners, Bob and Terry Taylor, were frantically searching for her, unaware Bebe had just been struck by a truck.

Meanwhile, Darius Hall was walking to the YMCA in the very same rain storm when he looked up and saw Bebe being hit.

“’Stop! Stop!’ I’m yelling and he just kept going,” Darius told WTKR of the truck driver. “So I ran over to Bebe and picked her up.”

Darius didn’t think twice about putting himself in harm’s way and in the middle of traffic to save the injured dog. He then tried to flag down cars to get help to bring Bebe to a veterinary hospital, which he managed to do quickly, and what probably saved her life.

“It’s a miracle, it really is,” said Terry later. “It means so much to me someone would care as much about my dog as I do.”

Although the vets recommended Bebe be put down because she was paralyzed, Bob and Terry couldn’t do it and decided to bring Bebe home. Bebe miraculously recovered, although she now walks a bit funny as result of the accident. But she could still wag her tail when she saw her savior.

Darius came to visit the Taylors expecting to give his condolences regarding Bebe. “I came in and in my mind, I just wanted to be really nice because I thought they lost their dog. I came in and they were really happy, and I was like okay…I came in and she’s [Bebe] sitting on the couch wagging her tail!”

Watch the full story of Darius’ heroic actions in the video below.

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