Sweet Dogs Meet Their Human Baby Sister For The First Time

Dogs Milk (aka Wooyoo) and Mocha got a wonderful surprise from their humans recently – they got to meet their baby sister. The pair helped their mom through a difficult time.

Their dad explains that back in January they learned that they were expecting a baby and that his wife had really bad nausea. But Milk and Mocha were there to cheer her on. “Just wanted to thank Mocha and Wooyoo for enduring such difficult time and always comforting my wife at no cost,” dad wrote about his two dogs.

The pair, who live in Toronto, Canada, are usually the stars of their videos. Mocha is a Pomeranian and Spitz cross and his sister Wooyoo [which means milk ~eds.] is a Samoyed. But this time it’s the new baby who is the center of attention and the two dogs couldn’t be more sweet and gentle when greeting her for the very first time.

They are both so sweet and gentle with her. At one point Wooyoo lets out a bark to greet her and wants to make sure she’s tucked into her blanket well. Mocha is already in love gives her a tentative kiss. Later that night on Wooyoo watches baby sis in her crib and isn’t in any rush to leave the room.

Watch the adorable video below. It’s easy to tell that Milk and Mocha will be the best big sister and brother to their younger sibling!

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