Sweet Dogs Adopt Orphaned Baby Squirrel

An orphaned baby squirrel was rescued by a kind-hearted man who nursed him back to health with the help of his two sweet dogs. From the DogHeirs.com archives comes this touching rescue story courtesy of Nick Radford.

Nick Radford was out shooting photographs in the woods when he came across a baby squirrel in distress. Severely dehydrated and hypothermic, the ground squirrel was clinging to his mother, who appeared to have been killed by a car. Nick took the tiny animal home to save his life and named him Apple Moonbeam.

Nick’s two dogs, Maverick and Scout, immediately took an interest in Apple Moonbeam and Nick says his dogs have adopted him.

“Rescued this little guy while shooting some photos in a wooded area. My dogs adopted him. How I first found him. Freezing and hardly moving.”

“In the hood of my jacket, in the cupholder of my car.”

“Heating pad, paper towels, round thing”

“He liked the round thing”

“First feeding.”

“Eyes not opened.”

“Meeting his parents.”

Maverick is an Australian Shepherd and Scout is a Blue Heeler / Border Collie mix.

Both dogs are keeping an eye out for their new baby.

“Just being buds.”

Nick says both Maverick and Scout are very gentle with Apple Moonbeam.

“They are gentle and nice to him because I am. They know that they’re to follow my lead.”

He adds that regarding Maverick, “He takes all my feels. I’m near certain he’s convinced he created a puppy.”

“He [Moonbeam] just opened his eyes today, now he wanders around a bit more. Here’s a video of him with my dogs.”

“Here he is getting looked after by Maverick and Scout.”

“Yesterday he opened his eyes, today they took over the internet.”

All photos and text published with permission from Nick Radford. This article was originally published on DogHeirs.com on April 19, 2013.

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