Sweet Dog Helps Teach Baby to Crawl

Furgee the Chihuahua/Pug mix patiently waits for baby Roen to fetch her chew toy and in doing so she teaches her how to crawl! Baby Roen is only 6 months old and just learning how to crawl. Furgee seems to know this and drops her chew toy further away from Roan so she has to crawl to get it. Furgee is very patient and gentle with her new little human and shows just how sweet dogs can be.

The pair’s friendship is still going strong two years later, according to their parents. “Our daughter is now two years old and best buddies with her dog Furgee. They sled together in the winter and both ride together in the bicycle trailer these days. Our daughter Roen walks Furgee on a leash…they are both really loving and gentle towards each other for a dog and a toddler.”

Here are baby Roen and Furgee taking a ride in their papa-powered sled.

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