Sweet Dog Finds The Paper in the Snow But Forgets One Thing

Roxanne the dog loves fetching the newspaper for her family and doesn’t mind braving the snow to find it. She loves it so much she eagerly waits for her dad to open the front door and give her the command to run and get it.

The moment dad says “go”, Roxanne is bouncing through the snow and searching for the paper, which is a good thing too since the paper delivery person has put it far away from the house and dropped it somewhere under the blanket of snow!

No problem, Roxanne quickly sniffs the newspaper out and carries it back inside to deliver it right to her mom. Job done? Not quite. Roxanne’s dad reminds her she’s forgotten something. She forgot to close the door behind her! With a friendly reminder Roxanne eagerly sets to work to finish her work. What a sweet pup!

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