Sweet Chihuahua Does the Most Adorable Thing to Try and Make Baby Happy

This little Chihuahua is a rescue dog who was covered in ticks and very thin when he was saved (now his owner says that he’s a little overweight!). The dog’s human mom wasn’t sure if there would be jealousy issues between him and her new baby son, but she soon discovered the dog was not only very friendly, affectionate and gentle but also very nurturing.

When her son was cranky and crying the sweet dog brings over his treat to share it, hoping the baby will feel better.

In the video, after the dog drops his cookie near the baby, his mom tells the dog ‘Thank you, but the baby can’t eat the cookie, you can eat it yourself’. But the generous dog really wants to console the baby and refuses to pick his cookie up.

The mum assures people worried about hygiene that the baby and dog don’t share food, and that the baby is crying because he’s cranky and sleepy. Thankfully, baby slept soundly right after the video was filmed. And maybe, just maybe, it’s because of his fur sibling’s sweet gesture?

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