Street Puppy Shares His Piece Of Bread With Rescuers

A tiny puppy left behind by his owners was found carrying a piece of bread around that he offered to his rescuers. Anaemic, suffering from tick bite fever and eye infections, little Gunnar was lucky to be alive in more ways than one.

Sidewalk Specials learned that his owners in the Groendal township of Franschoek in South Africa couldn’t afford to sterilize his mom. So they sent her away and handed in her puppies for euthanasia. Somehow Gunnar was forgotten and left behind to fend for himself. He had been alone for a week in the cold when Sidewalk Specials arrived.

Rachael with Sidewalk Specials said they were in the nick of time to save him. When they picked him up his tail was wagging and “his positive attitude kept him going.”

Before long he went to live with Freya and her partner. Three years later the curious puppy is a little rockstar. He has a funny rock obsession and he helps his family foster dogs.

What an amazing transformation he made and the happiness he’s found.

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