Stray Puppy Wedges Herself In Undercarriage of Car To Escape Attack

A stray puppy being chased by two large dogs fled to a hiding place that got her into a different kind of trouble. According to the Arizona Humane Society (AHS), a 14-week-old-puppy was trying to escape the dogs and “wedged her way on top of the rear axle of the undercarriage of a car.”

AHS sent out their emergency technician Dan McGrath to try and free the puppy, who they named Gracie. Dan used a tried and true method – food. Gracie ended up thanking her rescuer when she wiggled free. “As soon as Dan was able to safely coax her out of the vehicle with a little wet food and a lot of patience, she repaid him immediately with snuggles,” AHS wrote on Facebook.

Luckily, Gracie managed to free herself without a scratch. They took her back to their shelter where she was prepped for adoption. Within a few days of posting her adorable portrait she was adopted!

Arizona Humane Society (AHS)

The Arizona Humane Society rescues thousands of dogs every year. If you’d like to see the other dogs up for adoption visit their website.

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