Stray Dogs Make Themselves Homes In Sand Hill

A group of stray dogs found an unusual place of refuge. They have built themselves dens in a hill of sand near a temple outside of Bangkok, Thailand.

The dogs took up residence in the unlikely place after a mound of sand left over from a land project was dumped outside a temple in the Lopburi province, Fox Digital News reported.

Khan Joyce, a local in the area, spotted the dogs while heading to work one day. She noted that each dog has his or her own burrow. Their makeshift homes help them stay dry from the rain and they are close to the temple where they can often get food from kind people.

“They all live together and survive on whatever the villagers feed to them,” she said.

The dogs may not have their makeshift shelter for much longer as the landowner is preparing the vacant land to sell. But for now, the strays have their very own sand castles.

Check out the video below (please note it may take a few seconds to load):

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