Stray Dog with Mangled Foot Would Have Endured Life of Pain, But Vet Comes to the Rescue

When Trapper T arrived at Vet Ranch his one foot was so mangled they wondered if he would ever be able to walk normally again. He was picked up from a shelter after a Good Samaritan had found him in their driveway.

The poor little guy’s leg was badly lacerated and infected so he needed so many bandage changes to clean his wounds. Dr. Karri wasn’t happy about one of his toes and realized she might have to amputate it.

Trapper T had a lot to go through as you’ll see in the video below, but he bravely endured weeks of treatment. Wait until you see him without his bandages at the end! And in even better news, Trapper T’s foster family has decided to keep him.

Note: this video has censored/fuzzed out graphic imagery.

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