Stray Dog Who Believed in the Goodness of People Gets A Second Chance

Meet Ollie, a stray dog rescued in Greece that loves ever person he meets. The young dog lived among a pack of strays by the seaside in a Greek village when Valia with the Orphan Pet first laid eyes on him. He ran over to her with a big grin on his face and his tail wagging.

She had been filming the pack but he made an instant impression on her. Her educated guess was that Ollie had been recently abandoned and she could tell he was happy to have found the pack of dogs but was just learning how to live among them. She saw “the making of a stray.”

Ollie was at the moment where his life could have gone one way or the other. Valia said it’s at that crucial time where the dogs are at their most vulnerable. For Ollie, he still believed in the goodness of people and saw every stranger as a “potential friend.”

He attached himself to Valia but she already had decided she was going to rescue him. Of course a dog like Ollie was adopted. “Yes, he was a tough one to let go, but there are millions of strays in Greece and…you get the idea,” Valia writes. Ollie is now living in the Netherlands and spreading his joy to the people in his life there. And to strangers too, no doubt.

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