Stray Dog So Matted He Looked Like A Piece of Wood

Damjan Lukić is a dog groomer from Novi Sad, Serbia and has been grooming since 2017. When he is not grooming his clients’ dogs, he and his partner Sanja rescue stray dogs who need help. But even with all his experience, Damjan wasn’t prepared for Rocky.

Rocky was living near a gas station. It took Damjan and Sanja two hours to catch him.

The dog, which appears to be a puli breed, was in the worst condition Damjan had ever seen. It broke his heart. “I was just devastated about the condition he was in. It was the worst condition I ever saw,” Damjan said. As Rocky’s fur was so seriously matted, Damjan needed the assistance of a vet to sedate him.

Then Damjan set to work.

Several hours later he managed to shave the fur off of Rocky. Damjan said the fur was like wood it was so rigid and hard. Once freed from the fur, a friendly sweet dog emerged. Rocky found a great home in the United Kingdom where he’ll never be neglected again!

To take a look at Damjan’s full length video of his rescue and grooming of Rocky, watch the video below.

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