Stray Dog Outsmarts Rescuers to Get Treats

A little dog was huddled under a car when Hope For Paws got an urgent call to help her.

She wagged her tail as soon as she saw Eldad Hagar approach and he knew she must have belonged to someone at some time because she wore a pink collar with a name tag.

After giving her some treats, Eldad was able to lure her out of the car. But while petting her, Snowbird surprised Eldad. The smart little girl snatched the treat from his hand and retreated back under the car. Much to his surprise she came back out again, angling for another treat!

She wanted the food, but she didn’t want to go away from her safe spot under the car. But fortunately the affectionate dog became less afraid once the Lucky Leash was on her. And when she was lifted into the car she was happy as can be – wagging and smiling in the passenger seat.

After she got a clean up Eldad noticed something was wrong with her hind legs. Vets couldn’t find anything wrong at first but after a few more tests they learned it was a heart condition called Cardiac Shunt. “Later on today the cardiologist will determine if we can fix this with surgery or by managing this condition with medication,” Hagar wrote on YouTube.

In the meantime, Snowbird is being fostered with ART N’ Paws and is available for adoption.

If you would like to adopt Snowbird, please contact our friends at ART N’ Paws: – they have been so amazing in working with the neurologist and cardiologist.

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