Starving Great Pyrenees Found In Desperate Condition At Shelter Is Loving Life Now

A heartbreaking sight greeted rescuers from TAGG Rescue in Texas when they visited a shelter. A young Great Pyrenees riddled with mange, open wounds and starving wouldn’t even look at them when they saw him in the kennel.

Neo was much like many of the large breed dogs they rescue. For whatever reason, his owners had neglected him and he ended up at the shelter suffering from heartworm and deathly ill.

TAGG Rescue

They pulled him and found a foster mom in Wendy Fox. Neo was her first foster and she did an amazing job because over the next several months Neo made an amazing transformation.

TAGG Rescue

He was only 59 pounds when they got him – skin and bones for the gentle giant. His body was raw and covered in open wounds, his feet especially were raw and covered in open wounds as result of the mange.

TAGG Rescue

But a nearly a year later and Neo is loving life in no small part thanks to Fox.”Rescue Neo went to vet today, at approximately 4 years old, and since March when he was rescued by TAGG and their extraordinary group of volunteers, and he came home as my first foster, he was skin and bones and tall and 59 pounds, he is now over 100 and words cannot express the pure joy of this pup,” she wrote on Facebook.

TAGG Rescue

While recovering he’s discovered simple joys like sprinklers.

And he loves to swim. “Neo’s Mom took him and his fur siblings to Canyon Lake! Neo loves the water!!! Omg what a life he has now!!! He so deserves this!!” wrote TAGG Rescue.

TAGG Rescue

His coat has grown back so it is now lush and golden.

TAGG Rescue

He’s also a bit of a goofball and weighs 125 pounds.

When it came time for him to be adopted, he didn’t have far to go. TAGG shared, ” Well… Neo the Great has been adopted – by his foster mommy!!! She couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving! Can you blame her… What a transformation Neo has had …”

TAGG Rescue

We couldn’t agree more. Neo has come a long way from the dejected dog who could barely lift his head to the one now full of joy and life.

To support TAGG Rescue and their rescue efforts visit their website and Facebook.

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