Starving Dog Rescued Just Hours After Found Hiding by Garbage

An abandoned stray dog has a second chance thanks to a caring individual and a Facebook post. Rescuers became aware of the starving dog just hours after he was spotted by the garbage in a small Greek town. DAR Animal Rescue came at once and arrived when it was getting dark and raining.

DAR Animal Rescue

Luckily, a kind woman directed Ermione (who is with DAR Animal Rescue) to where the dog was hiding. It was freezing and the dog was so weak that he could not stand up. But Ermione wrapped a blanket over his shaking body and gently picked him up to carry him to her car.

DAR Animal Rescue

The dog was so frail and white he was like a ghost so they named him “Casper”.

At the veterinarian, Casper was cleared of any mediterranean diseases but it was clear he was starving. Fortunately, rescuers found a foster family for Casper. And after a few days of TLC, all Casper wants to do is cuddle!

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