St. Bernard Shares Special Friendship with 95-Year-Old Neighbor

“Some kinds of happiness don’t need words.” That’s how the friendship between a 2-year-old St. Bernard named Brody and 95-year-old Sally is described. It all began when Brody moved in to the Mt. Vernon, Washington neighborhood as a puppy.

screenshot via YouTube/KOMO

His humans Dave and Eddy said that their neighbor, Sally, was the first resident on the block to introduce herself. Soon after, Brody decided to introduce himself to her and she found him lying by her sliding door.

screenshot via YouTube/KOMO

From that day forward Brody began to visit Sally every day. He would come around to her back door and peek in the window to check if she was home.

screenshot via YouTube/KOMO

Over the years a special bond formed between the two, one that is all the sweeter when you get to see their story. Watch their touching story in the video below.

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