9 Small Happinesses That Only a Dog Lover Will Understand

Do you ever have those moments when you realize the small ways your dog makes you happy? Maybe it’s the way they look at you when they want a treat, or how they snore when they sleep.

There’s always that small gesture or behavior that “brings on the feels”. The ones that only a pet parent can truly understand!

1. You get to wake up with someone who is always excited to start the day!

2. Seeing how your dog makes friends at the dog park makes you feel like a proud parent.


3. You will use any excuse to get out of a social engagement early so you can spend more time with your dog.

4. You love the smell of a freshly groomed dog.


5. When they make those sweet snorts and sighs napping on your lap.


6. The way they wag their tail and greet you when you have been out of town melts your heart.

7. How when they run ahead of you, they always do a quick shoulder check to make sure you are still coming.


8. You think the way they have to follow you into the bathroom every single time is absolutely adorable.

9. When they stare at you with their puppy dog eyes and your heart just melts.

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