Sick Puppy Abandoned In Cemetery Collapses In Front Of Rescuers

A small puppy abandoned in a cemetery and alone and helpless is on the mend thanks to rescuers. DAR Rescue in Greece received word of the abandoned, sick puppy. Within minutes of searching in the cemetery they found her. They named her Ann. “Her condition was very bad when we found her, she was suffering from parvo, had serious diarrhea and was very much dehydrated. Her little body was covered in fleas and had small worms at the back of her body…”

Ann was swarmed by flies as well because of her dirty body. The poor puppy had energy enough to stand when she first saw them but soon collapsed to the ground and waited to be rescued.

Thankfully, with the vet’s care, Ann is now a healthy puppy and will be looking for a forever home soon.

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