Shocking Video of Puppy’s Treatment At Dog Training Facility Prompts Investigation

An upsetting dog training video circulating on social media has lead to investigation of the dog training facility for animal cruelty. In the video, a young German Shepherd puppy is seen being brutally slammed to the floor for allegedly not following instruction.

The video was shared by Kayla Allgame on Facebook and was apparently filmed at TyCalK9 Dog Training Center in Arcola, Texas outside of Houston. In the video, a man who is unseen picks up the dog by his leash, swings the dog over his shoulder and then slaps the dog down onto the floor. The dog can be heard whimpering as it gets back up.

Kayla AllGame shared her dealings with TycalK9, a facility that TMZ reports has reportedly been used to train dogs for local celebrities. In her post, AllGame reveals that the video has been edited and alleges that another puppy (not the one seen in the video) was hurt in dealings with the facility.

Her full statement and the video she shared on January 11, 2022 can be viewed on Facebook.

The video has caused such a furor online that the Fort Bend County District Attorney has now launched an investigation and issued a statement. The D.A. commented, “We cannot share the details as the investigation is ongoing, but we take these matters seriously and do not condone the mistreatment of animals in any regard. A thorough investigation by experienced animal cruelty investigators and prosecutors is underway.”

Note: the video below is from a US newscaster and does not include images of the alleged abuse. Due to the disturbing nature of the video, we have opted not to include it in this article.

Many dog lovers are reminding people of how important it is to do your research into any dog trainers you select for your pup.

The Kris Kelly Foundation, an animal welfare group out of Los Angeles wrote in response to the distressing video, “I’m not a fan of trainers…never have been. There are a handful of dog trainers I trust…if that. People remember ANYBODY can say they are a dog trainer.”

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