Shelter Pit Bull Who Can’t Be Without Her Stuffed Toys Gets New Mom To Snuggle With

After three months at the animal shelter, staff of Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) have learned there’s one thing Pit Bull Waffle Sizzli can’t be without – her stuffed toys.

The adorable Pit Bull arrived at RACC in November 2022. Waffle quickly became a staff favorite and her love of stuffies became clear when she visited RACC Director Christie Peters in her office for the first time.

As soon as Waffle got the toys, she was in love.

Every time she finds a new one she would happily bring it back to Peters to show her.

In one cute video shared on Facebook, Waffle found a stuffed bird to add to her stuffy collection, which already included a baby shark stuffy, a frog stuffy and red bone stuffy. As she shows off her new toy her tail doesn’t stop wagging.

Waffle makes sure that her stuffies go everywhere with her and carefully leaves them in her bed to snuggle with at night. That makes sense since the “sweet little pocket pitty” is snuggly, sweet and lazy according to RACC.

Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC)

Waffle isn’t all about the stuffies. She also loves a good tennis ball.

Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC)

And she snores when she sleeps.

Not only does Waffle love her stuffies sometimes she even dresses up like one! Peters shared a video of Waffle dressed up and cheered up the entire office. “With all the heartbreaking cases we are working on right now, our team needed a little pick me up,” Peters wrote on Facebook. “Dressing Waffle Sizzli up in a piggy costume felt like a great decision and helped bring out a few giggles.”

With so many delightful stuffed toys around does Waffle have a favorite? “Her absolute favorite was a red plush bone,” Peters told the Dodo. “The runner-up was the frog, but his legs dangle, and sometimes she’d trip on them. The third in the lineup was the bird — she carried that one around a bunch.”

No wonder the red bone was happily in her mouth on her Gotcha Day! Yes, three months after being picked up as a stray, Waffle Sizzli was picked up as a new forever family member!

Waffle’s new mom recently lost her senior dog but when she saw Waffle with her toys she knew she wanted to give the lovable Pit Bull a home.

“We love her so much,” Peters said, “She’s just the funniest, cutest, sweetest little toy-carrying dog ever.”

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