Senior Dog Cautiously Approaches Decoy Turkey And Shows He’s Still Got What It Takes

Remi the German Shorthaired Pointer has still “got it” even if a “turkey decoy” had him fooled. His dad recently shared this sweet video of Remi working to help his dad hunt a decoy turkey. As Remi focuses in on the “bird” his legs shake, but he’s still got perfect form and the desire to work.

As his dad writes, “Old Remi still going. Turkey decoy had him fooled.” Yet, even though the turkey may not be real, the activity is great for an elderly dog like Remi. It keeps him mentally alert and is a low impact exercise. So who cares if he can’t see or smell as well as he used to?

We also love the positive reinforcement (“good boy”) his dad gives him when he catches the turkey. It is important to keep older dogs mentally stimulated and this pet parent knows that pointing is a pastime Remi has enjoyed his whole life and keeps him engaged. We can’t think of anything better.

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