Rottweiler and Toddler Love Playing on Trampoline Together

Kona the Rottweiler absolutely loves playing on the trampoline with his little human Alex! He barks excitedly every time he jumps up and it’s clear he’s having a blast! As for 3-year-old Alex, she hops up and down encouraging her dog to join in.

Their parents writes on YouTube:

“Alex is our 3-year-old daughter and she loves to jump on the trampoline with Kona, our 2-year-old Rottweiler. Kona is super sweet with Alex and is her best friend. They always are looking out for each other.”

We love watching Kona pounce and roll onto his belly (does he want a belly rub?). It’s clear from his bouncing that he’s practiced his trampoline technique for having fun!

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